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TKK is your one-stop specialty contractor, offering a diverse range of services that include telecommunications infrastructure, power generation solutions, heavy civil and industrial projects, and comprehensive water and sewer services.

With a legacy of excellence, TKK delivers tailored, high-quality solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in Bellingham and Whatcom County, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and client satisfaction in every project.

Vactor Truck Services

Our vactor truck is available 24-7 for short-term or long-term projects.

Vactor trucks (hydro-excavation) are high load, eco-friendly, and safe excavation and contamination solutions.

Our Expertise

We offer a variety of services for small to large scale projects.

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cellular tower, power, technology


Specializing in wireless communications infrastructure development, we excel at designing and implementing cutting-edge networks that connect communities seamlessly. Our expertise ensures reliable and efficient connectivity solutions for the digital age.

wire telephone poles with maintenance workers

Wireline & Broadband

As a specialized contractor, we focus on wireless and broadband infrastructure development, crafting advanced networks that empower faster internet access and seamless communication. Our expertise guarantees the deployment of high-speed connectivity solutions to bridge the digital divide and enhance modern connectivity experiences.

Power Generation

power station, energy, electricity

Traditional Generation

We excel in traditional power generation services, offering a legacy of expertise and reliability in delivering dependable energy solutions. With a commitment to efficiency and quality, we empower industries with the essential power generation infrastructure needed to drive progress and success.

windmills, wind turbines, technology


We are at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. We provide comprehensive wind power services, harnessing the natural forces of wind to generate clean and renewable electricity. With our innovative approach, we contribute to a greener future while ensuring reliable and efficient energy production for your needs.

photovoltaic system, solar, solar energy


Harness the limitless power of the sun with our services in solar energy. We design, install, and maintain state-of-the-art solar power systems, enabling you to generate clean, sustainable electricity and reduce your carbon footprint. Choose us to embrace the sun's energy and enjoy long-term savings while contributing to a greener tomorrow.

beakers with different colored liquids and plan mattter

Alternative Fuel Generation

We're dedicated to developing and implementing innovative solutions that harness non-traditional energy sources, reducing environmental impact and ensuring a reliable supply of clean, renewable fuels. Choose us to drive your transition towards a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

electric charge station road sign

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Charge up the future with our cutting-edge electrical vehicle charging station solutions. As a specialized contractor, we design, install, and maintain EV charging infrastructure that's efficient, reliable, and tailored to your needs. Join the green revolution and make it easy for your customers or employees to power their electric vehicles sustainably with our expertise.

a touch screen power meter station


Count on us for dependable generator solutions that ensure uninterrupted power when you need it most. As a specialized contractor, we provide expert generator installation, maintenance, and repair services, guaranteeing reliable backup power for your home or business. Choose us for peace of mind and the assurance that you're always prepared for unexpected outages.

Heavy Civil and Industrial

excavators, construction machine, site-391143.jpg

Road & Bridge Construction

Delivering infrastructure solutions that connect communities and pave the way for progress.

road construction and maintenance worker

Roadwork Rehabilitation

Reviving and enhancing existing road infrastructure to ensure safer and smoother journeys for all travelers.

construction site excavation and foundation building


Precision excavation and grading services, laying the foundation for successful construction projects with utmost accuracy.

natural disaster devastation

Hurricane / Disaster Recovery

Dedicated to swiftly restoring communities and critical infrastructure in the aftermath of natural catastrophes, ensuring resilience and safety for all affected.

foundations made of reinforced concrete for building


Our expertise in foundation construction guarantees that your project begins on a solid footing, setting the stage for its success.

orchards in pacific northwest agriculture


Our agricultural construction services cater to the unique needs of farming and agricultural operations, offering tailored solutions that enhance productivity and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

construction site with bulldozer and backhoe leveling earthwork

Land Development & Subdivisions

Our expertise in land development and subdivisions transforms raw land into vibrant, well-planned communities, paving the way for growth, connectivity, and modern living.

oil pipeline in the woods

Pipeline Construction

The lifeline of energy transport, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of vital resources to homes and industries, underlining our commitment to infrastructure excellence.

plumbing compressor

Compressor / Pumping Stations

The driving force behind fluid and gas transport, delivering reliability and efficiency in the heart of essential industries and networks.

Water and Sewer

water treatment advection sedimentation tank at a water plant

Treatment Plants

Our expertise ensures the purification and distribution of safe, clean water to communities, prioritizing environmental sustainability and public health. Choose us for cutting-edge solutions that safeguard the future of water resources

water pump station

Pump & Lift Stations

We design, install, and maintain efficient systems that ensure the smooth and reliable movement of fluids, contributing to the seamless operation of various industries and municipal facilities. Choose us for expert solutions that keep your operations flowing smoothly.

water and sewer pipeline fittings

Water Transmission Mains

With precision and reliability, we ensure the efficient and safe transport of clean water, supporting the needs of communities and industries alike. Choose us to keep the flow of life-sustaining resources uninterrupted.

sewage treatment plant for wastewater and environmental protection in pacific northwest

Wastewater Force Mains

We design, install, and maintain systems that ensure the smooth flow of wastewater, safeguarding public health and the environment. Choose us to handle your wastewater transportation needs with precision and professionalism.

water pipe for sewage

Storm Sewer Truck Lines

With a focus on efficiency and durability, we design, install, and maintain these lines to effectively manage stormwater, reducing the risk of flooding and protecting communities from the elements. Choose us for expert solutions that keep your stormwater infrastructure robust and resilient.

water pipe plumbing

Utility Rehabilitation Lines

With precision and expertise, we revitalize utility networks, extending their lifespan and reliability. Choose us for comprehensive solutions that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your utility systems.

Proudly delivering the highest quality services for any complex build.

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