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Expert Hydro-Excavation Services

TKK’s Hydro-Excavation Team employs high-pressure water and industrial-grade vacuums to dislodge and extract soil and sediments efficiently. This advanced method significantly reduces the potential for damage to underground utilities. Hydro-Excavation not only ensures safety but also promotes eco-friendliness, making it a versatile choice for various applications like utility exposure, potholing, trenching, and more.

Founded in 2015 with a focus on the telecommunications construction industry, TKK has expanded into a successful specialty contractor offering a variety of services to our clients across the Pacific Northwest Region. We remain focused on our mission of delivering quality products on time and in budget as we continue to grow in both the telecommunications and construction industries.

Building the Future with Precision and Innovation

At TKK, our expertise lies in precisely locating utility damage issues while preserving the integrity of tree roots through safe utility exposure.

Our specialized trucks efficiently remove excavated soil, leaving your site clean and free from messy stockpiles typically associated with conventional excavators.

Furthermore, we excel in large-scale liquid and sludge cleanup for sewer and septic system maintenance. We adhere to strict regulations governing soil in WA and provide specified backfill materials such as sand, pea gravel, 5/8-inch crushed rock, and more.

Rest assured, TKK handles sediment disposal in full compliance with federal regulations, ensuring your protection from potential fines.


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